Say goodbye to neck pain permanently with Facecradle travelrest pillow


Sleeping in an economy class of an aeroplane is not always a comfortable affair. Long journey aeroplanes can be hectic and finding the right spot to rest that head for a power nap seems impossible at times. Severe neck pains and agony follows if you are having sleepless nights and that is meant to stay long with you. Aching necks can be a huge issue and can make you suffer for longer periods of time than you can imagine. Hence, an airplane pillow is your best friend in this journey. It will provide you with comfort, save you from the severe neck pains and let you have that peaceful sleep with sweet dreams.

Have a sound sleep while travelling and get rid of agony with pillows for neck pain:


At times you end up taking a weird posture in order to have a comfortable sleep on the journey, resulting in distressing back pains. An Airplane pillow allows you to have a comfortable sleep on travels saving you the horror of back pains. The Travel rest Pillow comforts your neck and thus comforting different parts of the body while resting. A huge number of travellers complain about the nagging neck pain they encounter on long duration flights. This issue basically arises due to lack of support or the bad sleeping position people get into while trying to sleep. Pillows for neck pain can help you overcome this issue and cause you the least trouble while on travel.

Travel rest pillow aids in delivering you a comfortable journey each time, but choosing the right neck pillow as your companion is much tougher than it sounds. FaceCradle travel pillows are the one we choose for you. Their wide range of Pillows for neck pain will give your neck a proper support and let you have a sound sleep on those long hectic journeys.

Do you happen to know why the pain occurs when you sleep without proper support? Well, the arch-shaped cervical spine limits your neck of the utmost flexibility thus causing you severe neck pains while subjected to improper positioning. If your neck does not get the adequate support while sleeping you are bound to witness the severe neck pain. A Sleep pillow or a neck pillow gives your neck the much-needed support thus saving you from the agony of severe neck pains.

A Sleep Pillow has a number of bifurcations depending on the type of bed you sleep in. The general principle is to provide heat to your neck and the cushiony built with memory foam happens to provide your neck with the adequate support you are longing for. The FaceCradle travel pillow is the best pillow for neck pain, shooting away from the discomfort and pain each and every time.

Benefits of sleep pillow:

There are a number of benefits associated with neck pillows and no list can ever be enough to point out all. We have framed down some to let you have clear idea of few benefits


  • Minimising the neck pain is the primary concern for using a neck pillow. Improper positioning of neck follows a number of health issues including breathing problems. Steer clear of all these negative impacts every time by using the best pillows for neck pain.
  • Memory foams are intelligently designed to adapt to the changes in the positioning of your neck and every time provide you with utmost support.
  • The ease of carrying and portability makes it the ideal companion for your travel; anywhere you go.
  • Neck pillows are often used for driving as well, they provide you comfort in the long drives and as well minimise the probability of a neck injury during an accident.